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Taylor (Owner/Full-Time​ Pack Leader)

Hi everyone, I am Taylor the owner of TLC Dog Walking and obviously an avid dog lover. Ever since I was a kid I was obsessed with dogs and had to beg my parents to get our first one, a Jack Russell. Understandably, my favourite movie​ was Homeward Bound so we named him Chance. Over his 17 years of life he taught me everything I know about dogs and how to care for them. Now I couldn’t imagine living life without a dog by my side and this job gives me that and much more.

I would love to say that I always knew what I wanted to do with my life but that wasn’t always the case. I attended both college and university and have a diploma in health and fitness and a bachelor degree with honors in kinesiology. Although I enjoyed these programs and the knowledge I gained, it never correlated in the work place for me. It wasn’t till I took a chance and answered an ad for dog walking that I knew a job like this existed. After my first day I was hooked and knew I could never go back to working in an office.

After a few years working under the wings of a good friend and learning more about dog behavior I felt I was ready to take the next step into starting my own business. Fortunately, I had a tremendous amount of support and have been able to expand TLC Dog Walking into what it is today. I hope we continue to grow and are able to provide the high-quality care were proud of for your dogs.



Danielle (Full-Time Pack Leader)

I'm Danielle! I worked in a bakery for 7 years, managing a staff of 10+, while also working part-time for a few years for Taylor and TLC Dog Walking doing private walks. After a challenging few years in retail, I decided to make a change and I upgraded to the pack in 2021! I love working with your pups. It brings so much joy to my day, even on the muddy ones! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that aligns so well with my lifestyle!

My hobbies included hiking and camping, but my real passion is cooking and I hope one day to own and operate a food truck! I love music and singing, though I'm not great at it, so you may hear me singing to your dogs as we drive away. After work, if I'm not hiking or cooking, you'll find me on the couch watching Jeopardy or Netflix!


My ultimate life goal is to own a large property to grow and farm (and cook) my own ingredients and give my animals room to run and roam.



Sam (Part-Time Pack Leader)

My name is Sam and I've been with TLC Dog Walking since May 2021. I have always had a love for animals so when the opportunity to work with Taylor came up it was a no brainer for me.

I worked as a vet assistant with Brooklin Vet Hospital for just over 5 years before starting with Taylor. Before the I was studying animal care at Durham College. I loved the medical side to working with dogs but working for TLC has really added a run aspect to my work life.


Getting to know each one of my pack members and seeing the trust they have in me as a leader is so rewarding. 

Jessica (Part-Time Pack Leader)

Hi, I’m Jess! Before TLC dog walking I worked as a line cook for four years and knew it wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I started dog walking after that and loved it! After a year of dog walking I then decided to go to school for animal care at Durham college to better care for the animals I was working with. During school Taylor contacted me to work for TLC and I jumped at the opportunity.

Although I’m fairly new to the job having started in may of 2023 I have fallen in love with all the dogs I’ve had the pleasure to meet and they make my day whenever I go to work. 

When I’m not with the pups I am usually doing art. Before Durham college I attended an art program In Halliburton. I fell in love with ceramics and sculpture in high school and started painting at the beginning of covid and further developed my skill set and passion. Aside from that you’ll find me at home cuddling with my cat, going on car rides and binge watching Disney!


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